Movable Ink and Stensul November 3 Webinar
How to find the time to optimize personalized marketing performance
If you could automate your most time-consuming marketing processes, what would you do with the newly-found time? 

How would you optimize email performance to better support achieving your company’s business goals?

These and other questions will be explored during a one-hour session to help enhance your marketing performance while saving time. In this webinar, Stensul & Movable Ink will examine ways to:
  • Increase workflow efficiency in the marketing execution process
  • Reallocate time saved towards optimizing your strategy
  • Strengthen your test-and-learn approach
  • Ensure success metrics are hit
Marketing strategists from Stensul & Movable Ink will present best practices to reach those goals.

SPEAKERS: Mike Zusel, Director of Strategic Accounts at Stensul and Jazmine Graves, Associate Director, Partner Sales at Movable Ink

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